May 2018

17 MayElection Day Volunteering


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16 MayTown Hall on 
School Safety and Educational Equity

Participants Will Jawando, Civil Rights Attorney, candidate for Montgomery County Council At-Large, former senior advisor to US Department of Education Secretary…

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16 MayICYMI: Jawando featured on ‘Everybody Assumes’ podcast

Meshulam Ungar, a Silver Spring resident and host of the podcast Everybody Assumes, interviews Will about his his early life, identity politics, and work for Obama. Listen below or subscribe on iTunes.

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04 MayBuilding Workers’ Union Endorses Jawando

The labor union representing building cleaners, maintenance workers, security guards, and engineers, SEIU 32BJ, announced its endorsement of Will Jawando, Democrat for Montgomery County Council At-Large.

“Low-wage workers like 32BJ’s cleaners and security officers trust in Will to stand with working families. We’re confident that with his policy background and life experience, he will make a significant difference for the County residents,” said Jaime Contreras, vice president of the Capital Area District of SEIU 32BJ.

“I want to thank the working people of SEIU 32BJ for their support in this race. We share the goals of creating an economy in Montgomery County that supports working families, with good-paying jobs, fair and affordable housing, and welcoming, safe and diverse neighborhoods,” Jawando said. “I’m proud to earn the endorsements of every major progressive organization involved in Montgomery County. We have a lot of work to do together to keep the Montgomery County Promise — and that is work I look forward to.”

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04 MayCoalition of Asian Pacific American Democrats Endorse Jawando

Will Jawando welcomed the endorsement of his campaign for Montgomery County Council At-Large by the Coalition of Asian Pacific American Democrats, which singled out Jawando’s record on behalf of immigrant communities, diversity and policy fairness as the reason for their support.

In a joint statement, Stan Tsai, CAPAD Co-Chair and Chung Pak, CAPAD Endorsement Committee Co-Chair, said: “We support Will because we recognize his commitment to promote diversity and fairness, recognize the special needs of multi-cultural communities, and support of economic empowerment for minority communities and the community at large. We feel Will’s Montgomery County Promise is a call to action to help improve Maryland’s and Montgomery County’s economic position, address and integrate the special needs of our immigrant communities, support minority small businesses, and continue to make Maryland and Montgomery County one of the best places to live for working families.”

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02 MayJawando obtiene el endoso del Latino Democratic Club

Citando una “demostración de compromiso con la comunidad latina,” el Latino Democratic Club del condado de Montgomery anunció hoy su endoso de Will Jawando, demócrata para el Consejo del Condado, “At-Large.”

“El ‘Promise of Montgomery County’ incluye comunidades seguras, agradables y diversas. Eso es especialmente cierto en nuestra comunidad de inmigrantes. Mi padre era un inmigrante a este país, y como hijo de un inmigrante, conozco de primera mano los desafíos que enfrentan los nuevos estadounidenses y las personas de color,” dijo Jawando.

“Me siento honrado obteniendo el apoyo del Latino Democratic Club. Me dedico a trabajar para todos los ciudadanos del condado de Montgomery, y espero estar asociado con con nuestra comunidad latina en la política de sostener y crecer pequeñas empresas familiares, garantizar escuelas públicas de alta calidad para cada niño y mejorar la competencia cultural en todos los servicios del gobierno.”

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01 MayJawando Earns Latino Democratic Club Endorsement

Citing a “demonstration of commitment to the Latino community,” the Latino Democratic Club of Montgomery County today announced its endorsement of Will Jawando, Democrat for County Council At-Large.

“The Promise of Montgomery County includes safe, welcoming and diverse communities. That’s especially true of our immigrant community. My father was an immigrant to this country, and as the son of an immigrant, I know firsthand the challenges that new Americans and people of color face,” Jawando said.

“I’m honored to earn the support of the Latino Democratic Club. I am devoted to working for every citizen of Montgomery County, and I look forward to partnering with our Latino community on policy to sustain and grow small, family-owned businesses, ensure high-quality public schools for every child, and improve cultural competency in all government services.”

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