The Montgomery County Promise

Montgomery County is an amazing place. It draws people with a sense of purpose, looking for a safe, welcoming and diverse community in which to raise their family, with great schools and economic opportunity for all. I call this unique quality of our home the Montgomery County Promise.

But we aren’t keeping the #MoCoPromise to all of our neighbors. And that has to change. If we don’t maintain the excellence of our schools, protect our parklands and green spaces, and foster diversity and affordable housing, then in a few short years we won’t recognize Montgomery County.

Here are the issues that I am working on to help keep the #MoCoPromise.

A Welcoming Community

As the son of a Nigerian immigrant, I know firsthand the challenges that many immigrant families face in the United States. As an At-Large member on the County Council, I will work to protect the civil rights of our immigrant neighbors, expand access for immigrants to all Montgomery County programs and offices, including those for small business, public education and voter registration, promote and expand those initiatives which address the needs of new American families, from affordable housing to public safety to in-school programs, and use my platform as an At-Large Council member in Maryland’s largest jurisdiction to lobby for DACA and continuance of TPS.


Smarter land-use decisions, enhancing our regional public transportation systems to displace automobile congestion, and engaging underrepresented communities in the environmental movement will be my top priorities on the County Council. I am proud to have the endorsement of the Montgomery County Chapter of the Sierra Club.

Clean water, air and open space are all part of what makes Montgomery County a wonderful place to live. But we must take care of our environment, for ourselves and for future generations.

Economic Growth

As a Council Member, I would encourage sustainable growth of our county economy by increasing our technical-trained workforce, supporting small business and developing the county-rooted industries that are major employers, such as bio-tech.

Quality of Family Life

Like many families, my wife Michele and I experienced what it’s like to raise young children while caring for aging parents. With a responsive property tax plan and public health programs, our aging neighbors can lead healthier, secure lives in their homes after retirement. Paid family- and sick-leave helps ease the financial burdens on those caring for ailing family members in their homes. And affordable, accessible child care and early childhood education helps working parents, and puts kids on the path to succeed in school.

World Class Education

No matter where in Montgomery County our families live, all our children deserve a high quality education. I aim to close opportunity and achievement gaps, reduce class size, expand career and technical education, and invest in wrap around services that help students before and after school. For instance, last summer I created and led Summer R.I.S.E., the county’s largest summer youth career exploration program. I am proud to have the endorsement of the Montgomery County Education Association.

Smart Growth

Common sense solutions to encourage smart growth of our county’s tax base while maintaining the quality of life that draws people and business. That means investing in the Purple Line and the BRT, encouraging development around those transit hubs, and finding the state-of-the-art traffic management, pedestrian, and bicycle systems to help reduce congestion.