I was born and raised in Montgomery County. It’s one of the most diverse counties in the nation. My wife, Michele, and I chose to stay and raise our three daughters here so they’d grow up in vibrant, welcoming and diverse neighborhoods, with economic opportunity for all and world-class public schools. This is what I call the Montgomery County Promise.

But many people in Montgomery County are struggling. We aren’t keeping the #MoCoPromise to everyone. We need new leaders in Rockville with fresh ideas to help Montgomery County keep its promise. That is why I am running for Montgomery County Council At-Large, and why I am asking for your vote.

If I earn the honor of serving you on the county council, I promise I will fight for affordable and accessible child care, the best public schools possible, support for small businesses and smarter land-use planning. And I will work to provide our aging neighbors who helped build Montgomery County the support, dignity, and respect they deserve.


“I am honored to endorse Will Jawando for County Council At-Large. Will is an exceptional leader with a lifelong record of public service to Montgomery County and the nation. He worked as a public policy attorney on Capitol Hill and for President Obama in the White House. I was proud to appoint Will to serve on the Montgomery County Commission on Juvenile Justice, and worked with him to provide support for Summer R.I.S.E, a summer career internship program for high school students that he spearheaded.”

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Ike Leggett - Montgomery County Council Executive

“I am proud to endorse Will Jawando in his race for Montgomery County Council At-Large. Montgomery County is one of the most diverse in the nation, and growing more diverse every day. Growing up in Montgomery County, Will understands the needs of our community and has a progressive record of public service at the local, state and federal level. He also has the policy background that we need on the County Council.”

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Nancy Navarro - Democratic incumbent County Council Member

“I’m supporting Will Jawando in his race for Montgomery County Council At-Large. I’m endorsing Will for a very simple reason. His values, policy experience and his character demonstrate without a doubt, that he will be a fighter for everyone who lives in Montgomery County. We want the same thing. We want justice, opportunity and fairness, for everyone. I’m looking forward to working with Will, when he is on the County Council, to stamp out discrimination and hate crimes, and safeguard those who need our support and protection.”

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John McCarthy - State's Attorney for Montgomery County



A Welcoming Community


Smart Growth

World-Class Education

Quality of Family Life

Economic Growth



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Request a yard sign, host a meet & greet, join a phone bank or knock on doors in your neighborhood



28 JunJAWANDO Responds to Fatal Capitol Gazette Shooting

In response to the fatal shooting of six people, and the wounding of several more, after a gunman fired into the Capitol Gazette newspaper office in Annapolis today, Montgomery County Council At-Large Candidate Will Jawando released the following statement:

“Maryland’s gun laws are seen as some of the strongest in the nation, and yet we have a gunman who took the lives of six people practically at the door of our statehouse. This shows — as every mass shooting shows — that federal action is needed today to clamp down on firearms. The fact that a newspaper was targeted is chilling, in light of the toxic political attacks on America’s free press,” Jawando said. “My prayers are with the families and friends of those killed as well as the entire Maryland community.”

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25 JunJawando to Join Supporters for Election Night Watch Party

Supporters of Will Jawando, candidate for County Council At-Large, will be gathering with Jawando at All Set Restaurant & Bar in Downtown Silver Spring at 8pm Tuesday to watch returns in the contested at-large county council race.

Jawando, 35, of Silver Spring, won endorsements from a long list of progressive organizations and people, including the highly-coveted position on the Apple Ballot with support from the Montgomery County Education Association, a spot on the Bus Ballot with support from SEIU Local 500, and a position on the Green Ballot with his endorsement from the Sierra Club.

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05 JunJawando Qualifies for Full Public Election Match

With more than 1,100 individuals contributing a total of more than $95,000 in low-dollar donations to his campaign since its September launch, Democrat Will Jawando today became eligible for the complete pre-primary total of $250,000 in matching funds from the county’s Public Election Fund.

“I am humbled that so many Montgomery County voters support our vision for greater opportunity for all,” Jawando said.

Jawando, the only at-large candidate who lives in East County, drew support from across the county: Burtonsville, Cabin John, North Potomac, Takoma Park, Wheaton, Sandy Spring, Germantown, Olney, Montgomery Village, Gaithersburg, Potomac, Clarksburg, Kensington, Germantown, Silver Spring, Rockville and more.

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04 MayBuilding Workers’ Union Endorses Jawando

The labor union representing building cleaners, maintenance workers, security guards, and engineers, SEIU 32BJ, announced its endorsement of Will Jawando, Democrat for Montgomery County Council At-Large.

“Low-wage workers like 32BJ’s cleaners and security officers trust in Will to stand with working families. We’re confident that with his policy background and life experience, he will make a significant difference for the County residents,” said Jaime Contreras, vice president of the Capital Area District of SEIU 32BJ.

“I want to thank the working people of SEIU 32BJ for their support in this race. We share the goals of creating an economy in Montgomery County that supports working families, with good-paying jobs, fair and affordable housing, and welcoming, safe and diverse neighborhoods,” Jawando said. “I’m proud to earn the endorsements of every major progressive organization involved in Montgomery County. We have a lot of work to do together to keep the Montgomery County Promise — and that is work I look forward to.”

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